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Ugolini s.r.l. draws its origins already in 1700 and 1800 by the activity of Filippo and Raffaello Ugolini that undertook the artisan joinery work. It was in the early 900 'that Narciso Ugolini before and Pier Giovanni ugolini then, the company took on an industrial character, transforming itself in 1980 into supplies Ugolini srl decor. Since 2000 became part of the company also Raffaele and Alessandro Ugolini, sons of Pier Giovanni, with different tasks. The evolution of the company from artigianle first, became trade and industry today, it could be due to the ability and passion dedicated to all the craftsmen that over the years there have been at the helm, we can now boast several works sucess with its products directly drawn. The Ugolini srl, for more than 40 years develops and manufactures products directly from the minimalist design, created to make unique your proposal!

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With paper-based projects or 3D rendering, drafting of the project description and the respective costs and conditions. .


Local delivery by its own means, and shipments throughout Italy, including the islands and around the world.


If you required by ns. specialized staff and with our. partners for the treatment of the wall to the floor surfaces or plasterboard and lighting systems with lighting calculation, curtains


With description in the catalog or other unanticipated finishes if we required we can formulate the expected cost. The products will be checked and packed in cardboard boxes or other packaging according to destination

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Interior design contemporary

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